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Monday, 10 December 2012

My Daddy Bapak Aku Mak Kita

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 About stefani & masakini theatre
STEFANI Events or formerly known as Sanggar Teater Fauziah Nawi founded in 1995 by a small group of art appreciative peoples. It was and still holds on the believe of not only in the hopes of producing better actors, but also better human beings through organized,  well-cultured and disciplined trainings.
Much of STEFANI’s works focused on the very based and basic issues of the Malaysia’s society.
Masakini Theatre Company was set up in 2003 to give young hopefuls a foothold into the local theatre scene and to showcase works with an Asian and Malaysian bent.It was also set up to showcase works by actress, playwright Sabera Shaik whose works have garnered a considerable following and critical acclaim.
Much of her works centre on the displaced woman in society and the problems faced by them.
Now two most acclaimed theatre productions in Malaysia has joined forces in an attempt to provide a little alternative entertainment for the Malaysian public and ended up being a new and distinctive voice in contemporary Malaysian writing and theatre.
My Daddy.. Bapak Aku.. Emak Kita..
My Daddy..Bapak Aku..Mak Kita a 45 minutes show, revolves around patriotism and love. It is portrayed through the love of a mother whilst symbolically speaks of the love of one’s nation. It is our artistically means of expressing our love and devotion to Malaysia.
Why we are producing this play?
·      Providing Malaysian especially our youth an educational yet entertaining piece of art
·      Encouraging a unique and creative way of perception among Malaysian
·      Enriching the National art treasures.
·      Promoting the positive moral values development in Malaysia’s society
·      Promoting the awareness of supporting Malay Literature among Malaysian

Two estranged sisters; Samsinar and Dahlia meeting up after so long. They are destined to be together after their mother crept silently to rest in The Lord’s arm. Sisters of two different fathers as well as two different origins embraced each other in the warmth of their mother’s womb.
Bound to the birth land by blood, Samsinar’s father left both his wife and daughter. Dahlia’s father also finally succumbed to the yearning to be in his land of origin. He finally took Dahlia and left whilst the mother and wife stayed behind. She would never leave as she was rooted to this soil.
An old house and its small room, where the two sisters shared and trade their anguish, yearnings and finally be whole once more!..
Love brought them together, love torn their heart in pieces, love forced them to botlle up everything, love caused them to accept, and love pushed them to finally letting go of those which no words could ever described.

Fauziah Nawi
Fauziah Nawi a name of many; a director, an actress, singer, dancer not to forget a DJ for RTM (1976-1995). Showmanship instructor for season 2, 4 & 6 of Akademi Fantasia as well as Anak Wayang and also one of the Jury for Raja Lawak Astro 3rd season dan Pilih Kasih the 2nd  season. To name just a few of her directions; Orang Kota Baru, Lorong Blues and Teater Mahsuri which had been staged in the prestigious Istana Budaya. Fauziah had also represented Malaysia in ASEAN Theatre Festival in Bangkok and Brunei.
Sabera Shaikh
Sabera Shaikh is a renowned actress, play writer and director. She is known as a versatile actress with years of experiences in performing around Asia especially in Malaysia, Singapura, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi and Bali. Her latest play; Lady Swettenham had been staged in London and Orang    Wayang.

Iryanda Mulia
Iryanda Mulia Ramli is Music Director, Writer and Acting Coach in Sanggar Teater Fauziah Nawi (STEFANI) since 1990. He was awarded the best music & sound by Boh Cameronian Awards. Berpengalaman sebagai Among his many golden musical touch were; Malam 7 Drama 7 Duri, Teater Muzikal Topeng-topeng, Teater Muzikal Kembang Layarku and Teater Muzikal Opera Ayu Cendana. He also directed Teater Muzikal Perjalanan Bu Aminah and Cinta Julia. He also composed the songs for Teater Mahsuri which had been staged in the prestigious Istana Budaya.

My Daddy...Bapak Aku...Mak Kita...

Taman Hana, Wadi Hussein, Janda Baik (Syed Hussein Alattas’ Garden)

Date & Time
18 November 2012 @3pm

Rm50 (inclusive of high tea & BBQ)

Bahasa Malaysia

45 minutes

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